Mist Esports Valorant Invitational

On the 10-11 July, we will be hosting the very first Mist Esports Valorant Invitatonal!

The first three rounds of the tournament will commence on the 10th of July and on the 11th of July we will be professionally broadcasting the semi-finals, as well as the finals, on the Mist Esports Youtube channel.

We have invited six teams: Mist Esports, Omnius Gaming, Pepega, Project A, Toxic Kingdom and Renovation who will be participating
in the tournament, however, anyone is welcome to join. There is also a grand prize of R1000 to the taker of first place!

Sign ups are available here and close on the 10th of July at 12PM.

This tournament is proudly sponsored by Pura Vida Water, the premium water supplier to all of East London.

Behind the scenes, the management team from African Valorant League, along with ZAVL will be ensuring the smooth running of our

So, round up your buddies and gear up for the Mist Esports Valorant Invitational!

Signup Link: https://bit.ly/38qhIFK

Written by:
Kleopatra Panto

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